Create a Masterpiece. 
                  Create Memories.
                                 Create Happiness.

Come visit Create It Ceramics Studio today! 

It is a place for you to express yourself, where friends can share creative times together, and where families can bond. Whether for yourself or as a gift, each creation has a meaningful piece of you

In addition to pottery painting, we offer glass fusion, canvas painting, AND clay handprints! Our studio offers an endless supply of tips and techniques, such as stencils, stamps, bubbles, masking tape, lace, and yarn designs. 

We offer pottery painting, glass fusion, and pottery-to-go kit for walk-ins, group events, camps, and parties of all types (corporate, school, birthdays, and more). 

Also, specializing in capturing babies' hand and footprints in clay, we glaze them to be cherished forever. Simply call our studio or book an appointment online.

Create It offers kids and teen camps whenever school is out! It is a great way to encourage art and creative freedom. I

We also have super fun events that include Canvas painting for all ages, Kids Night Out, Copy Cat Club & Ladies Night Out. Check out our events tabs for details.

Create It has a great and unique staff that sets up, gives instruction, provides helpful tips, and cleans your work space. We are always available to help; as little or as much as you need.

Bring your family, friends, and friend’s friends- bring them all and start creating memories!    

Please note that the above video was taken at our old location on California Avenue.  

We have now moved to Town and Country Village (across from Day One Center).